Two War Strategies For Launching your Purpose

chess Two War Strategies For Launching your PurposeYou’re in a job or career that pays the bills, but isn’t your Soul Purpose.

You have an idea of what your Purpose is, and how to monetize it. But you’re not sure when and how to make the leap from immediate security to long-term Purpose and fulfillment.

Consider two possible strategies, as taken from Robert Greene’s book, The 33 Strategies of War:

A Father’s Response to Pop Culture Messages

meghan trainor A Fathers Response to Pop Culture MessagesThere’s a certain song dominating the airwaves that represents everything that disgusts and angers me about pop culture.

I’m loathe to breathe more life into its stupidity and degeneracy. But to get us on the same page, I’m talking about “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor.

Here are the lyrics:

Conquering Your Inner Jonah

Jonah and the Whale Conquering Your Inner JonahI wonder if there isn’t more to the story of Jonah than we’ve understood.

Consider the defining characteristics of the story:

  1. Call: Jonah receives a call.
  2. Escape: He runs away from that call, afraid of the unknowns and the consequences.
  3. Storm: A storm arises and threatens to capsize his escape vessel.
  4. Sleep: Jonah falls asleep during the storm, while the sailors struggle desperately against it.
  5. Whale: He is pitched overboard and swallowed by a whale, wherein he languishes for three days.
  6. Humility: He humbles himself before God and is released onto dry land.
  7. Submission: The call comes again and he follows it.

I wonder…

A Whole New Take on “Selfies”

narcissus A Whole New Take on SelfiesAlthough the Oxford Dictionary officially made “selfie” a real word in 2013, the truth is that selfies are nothing new.

Tina Issa wrote in the Huffington Post that “this selfie revolution is annoying. It has made people selfish and narcissistic.”

Not so, Tina; selfies merely reveal something about human nature that is as old as time.

This Fireman & the Buddha Say, “Cut the Strings”

puppet strings This Fireman & the Buddha Say, Cut the StringsYou won’t believe whom he pulled out of that crumpled car.

It all started when he was in elementary school.

“I always wanted to be a fireman,” he said. “In elementary school it was a problem because at that age everyone wanted to be a fireman. But I really did want to be a fireman. As I grew up I couldn’t wait to leave school to join the fire service.”

In his senior year of high school one of his teachers asked the class what they were all planning to do when they left. Almost everyone talked about going to college. He said he was applying to join the fire service.

Forest Fires Versus Radiation: A Lesson on How to Fail

afterfire Forest Fires Versus Radiation: A Lesson on How to FailEveryone gets burned in life. But there are different ways we can get burned, and our burns can cause vastly different effects.

Forest fires destroy everything in their path. But after the fire has passed, a miraculous thing happens: new, vibrant green growth bursts through the black ash and charred earth.

Fires return nutrients to the soil. They also disinfect the forest of disease-ridden plants and harmful insects. They allow sunlight to reach the forest floor, thus spurring new growth.

Slapping the Donkey of Cynicism

eeyore Slapping the Donkey of CynicismBelieve it or not, there’s an even more depressing and contemptible law than Murphy’s Law:

All good things must come to an end.”

Who would possibly believe or say such a thing, and why?

I wonder why we resist hope so much and embrace cynicism so readily.

Hope is risky; it sets us up for possible pain and disappointment when things don’t work out the way we had hoped.

Cynicism, therefore, is a defensive mechanism; we use it to avoid being hurt and disappointed.

“Gear” Tips for “Mountain Climbers”

mountainclimber Gear Tips for Mountain ClimbersLet’s compare two excursions:

The first is a spontaneous picnic and play day in the valley.

You toss a bunch of stuff into the car and take off. Much of the stuff is unnecessary, but it doesn’t matter since conservation of space isn’t an issue.

You’ve got plenty of room in your car, you’re not hiking anywhere, so hey, throw it all in. If you don’t use it, no problem.

The second is a meticulously-planned summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska. Standing at 20,237 feet above sea level, it’s the highest peak in North America.

How Dead-Ends Show You the Way

roads How Dead Ends Show You the WayA father and his seven-year-old son spent the day exploring the Arizona desert, driving in an old truck down dusty back roads to overlook the Grand Canyon.

At dusk, they turned around and used their crude, homemade map to navigate the back roads home.

After a couple miles, they reached an unfamiliar fork in the road. The father was not certain which way they had come. He felt nervous as the darkness began to fall, knowing he would need light to make it home.