& let your light shine

There’s something inside you.
A radiant light. A unique gift and calling.
A profound purpose.

You feel it. But you don’t know how to get it out.
You feel stuck inside your
fears, self-doubt, and limitations.

That’s what I’m here for.
I write and coach to inspire you to
live your
Authentic Purpose
the best version of you.


Five keys for crossing the desert of purpose

In my last article I gave you an overview of the hero’s journey, which is an archetype for finding and living purpose. The aspiring hero receives a call. She accepts it and commits. Eventually, she hits the desert -- the...

The heart of purpose

I didn’t understand this as a child as my father’s thick, leather belt thrashed my soft backside and crushed my tender heart. I couldn’t conceive of it as I shrank from the rage in his eyes and hands. Had you told me...

Hacking the matrix of personal transformation

7 codes for unlocking your superpowers and reprogramming your life What do you wish you could change most about yourself? Struggling with an addiction and want to break free for good? Keep getting pulled back into...

Climbing the REAL mountain of purpose

Over the past several months I’ve been quietly yet feverishly building something big and exciting behind the scenes. (To learn what it is, click here.) It’s a complex project. There are tons of moving parts, so many...


Stop Sabotaging Yourself & Live Your Authentic Purpose

30-page guidebook, 40-minute audio training, & 1-hour video training that help you:

  • Find and live your purpose with passion.
  • Conquer your greatest fears and overcome self-doubt forever.
  • Get unstuck and live with unstoppable clarity, courage, and confidence.
  • Cultivate inner peace through self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-care.