Slapping the Donkey of Cynicism

eeyore Slapping the Donkey of CynicismBelieve it or not, there’s an even more depressing and contemptible law than Murphy’s Law:

All good things must come to an end.”

Who would possibly believe or say such a thing, and why?

I wonder why we resist hope so much and embrace cynicism so readily.

Hope is risky; it sets us up for possible pain and disappointment when things don’t work out the way we had hoped.

Cynicism, therefore, is a defensive mechanism; we use it to avoid being hurt and disappointed.

“Gear” Tips for “Mountain Climbers”

mountainclimber Gear Tips for Mountain ClimbersLet’s compare two excursions:

The first is a spontaneous picnic and play day in the valley.

You toss a bunch of stuff into the car and take off. Much of the stuff is unnecessary, but it doesn’t matter since conservation of space isn’t an issue.

You’ve got plenty of room in your car, you’re not hiking anywhere, so hey, throw it all in. If you don’t use it, no problem.

The second is a meticulously-planned summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska. Standing at 20,237 feet above sea level, it’s the highest peak in North America.

How Dead-Ends Show You the Way

roads How Dead Ends Show You the WayA father and his seven-year-old son spent the day exploring the Arizona desert, driving in an old truck down dusty back roads to overlook the Grand Canyon.

At dusk, they turned around and used their crude, homemade map to navigate the back roads home.

After a couple miles, they reached an unfamiliar fork in the road. The father was not certain which way they had come. He felt nervous as the darkness began to fall, knowing he would need light to make it home.

Where the Failed Dreams Grow

redfern Where the Failed Dreams Grow“Why are you so emotional?” nine-year-old Libby moans. “Just keep reading!”

I fight to gain my composure. Deep breaths. I pick up the book again and continue:

Just as I took hold of the halter rope to be on my way again, I heard Daisy humming. She was in her playhouse up on the hillside…

“As I stood there listening to her clear voice ring out over the valley, I happened to glance down at the raw, red wound in my pony’s leg. Like a bolt of lightning, it hit me.

A Simple Sign to Transform Your Life

 A Simple Sign to Transform Your LifeOne line in a short film I watched this week thwacked my consciousness and plunged me deep into thought.

A teenager is hitchhiking on a quest to meet his birth mother for the first time.

After a long and frustrating walk, he is finally offered a ride. But he reconsiders when he sees the shady character in the car sporting frightening tattoos all over his face and hands.

How To Live Your Purpose–Even When You Don’t Know Yourself

gnothi seauton How To Live Your Purpose  Even When You Dont Know YourselfTell me if you can relate to this: You want to make a difference in the world. You’re willing to do hard work and persist through thick and thin.

In short, you have the desire and willingness to live a great purpose — if you only knew what to do.

You hear people talking about living their “Soul Purpose” or fulfilling their “Life’s Task.”

But you don’t feel like you know yourself enough to know what your true purpose is. You’re still trying to figure out what your talents and gifts are.

Two Extreme Questions for Becoming Infinitely More Powerful

handpointing Two Extreme Questions for Becoming Infinitely More PowerfulCaesar Barber didn’t want to die. So he filed a lawsuit.

Barber, a maintenance supervisor, weighs 272 pounds. He has diabetes and high blood pressure and cholesterol, and he suffered two heart attacks before the age of fifty-six.

Barber’s health problems, he claimed in his lawsuit, were caused by fast-food corporations. He said,

Why YouTube Culture is Like Porn

youtube Why YouTube Culture is Like PornWhen I watched little Tsung Tsung, I had the thought that we need to update Benjamin Franklin’s quote.

Sometime between 1732 and 1758 Franklin wrote in his popular publication, Poor Richard’s Almanack:

If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.”

The Compost Lesson

sprout The Compost Lesson“I have more to show you,” the old gardener said, motioning for me to follow him.

We walked along a wood-chip path that took us behind his shed.

He pointed to a big pile of dead, brown, shredded leaves.

“What do you see?”

I shrugged. “Looks like shredded leaves.”

He looked down at his boots, shook his head, and snorted.

“All you ever see is what your eyes can see. Look closer.”