Every week, millions of hopefuls tune into the National Lottery live draw final, hungrily dreaming of how they would spend their millions, should they win. Statistically though, the odds of winning are stacked against you with players having a one in almost 14 million chance of choosing the six winning lottery numbers plus the bonus ball.

That, of course, doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself a better chance at winning. Even in the world of lacrosse, there are lacrosse ballers. These are the players who score big at the big games, who believe they’re the next big thing in sports.

No, lottery winners don’t always win, but… they can make themselves a much better chance at winning, often without spending a great deal of money.

Some of the tips given by winners themselves for their attempts of buying better lottery tickets include:

  • Never pick numbers that have recently won the lottery. It’s no guarantee that the numbers drawn this week will be the same as the numbers drawn in the previous weeks. And if the draw is made random, that evens up the odds of every number getting picked.
  • Choose your own numbers. Winning numbers are almost always random. So if you choose your own numbers, great! You still have a 50/50 chance of winning, but it’s a much better chance.
  • Choose the same number often. If you keep choosing the same number, you’ll lower the likelihood that your number will be picked. Again, random number picks aren’t great options.
  • Play on more than one ticket. Another favourite of lottery winners is playing on more than one ticket, and this can increase your chances of winning (and therefore, your payout) by as much as actor or model.
  • Keep a lucky ticket. There are people who have kept a lucky (and often expensive) ticket that would eventually win them the lottery. By keeping that ticket, you can brighten your chances of hitting the jackpot.
  • Play in a group. Hokseless amounts of money, half in a group, 1 in 20,000, are far less likely to win the lottery than a more substantial amount, like a full group ticket.
  • Don’t pick number schemes. It’s no great revelation that picking a barcoded ticket from a machine with no memory is not going to improve your chances of winning the lottery.
  • Play what you are given. Other lottery winners play what they are given. If you decide that you are going to purchase lottery tickets, you should follow an authorized retailer, especially in selecting the numbers and the weeks they will be drawn.
  • If you have to play the same numbers, always choose those numbers that follow the pattern of draws. Ex. Always play the number 32. There are never any doubt in this strategy.
  • If you are given a choice of numbers, you should always choose those numbers that follow the payout dates.
  • The smart way to play is to never form zigzag lines when buying lottery tickets.
  • Avoid triples and all combinations that are 100x bigger. Play pick 3 games and be sure to go no higher than 100x the biggest number combination.
  • Never play the lottery cash 3 ways.

You have all the options available to secure your winnings at once. So rather than trialling a way that doesn’t work, purchase your tickets from a retailer and cut the number of combinations you have to pick from.

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