Activity related to gambling has increased at a staggering rate over the last few years. It seems that one man can make a fortune on a single bet and then disappear as soon as he has made a fortune. This seems to happen with some regularity to which the industry is numb.

Recently I had a customer who frequents an online casino and was so intent on defending it against ” MERCHANDISE” that I had to remind him that it was his money that was at stake. He became rather irate and then proposed a rather large sum as a sort of quid pro quo for our agreement. D’you reckon he had a gambling problem?

Another frequent gambler now recognising his problem, and the correlation between gambling and the need for a solution, has committed some uncommon resources to make a book detailing his solution. This was a lady who intelligently suggested she knew something although she could not quite work out how or why.

Many regular gamblers are too embarrassed to admit they have a problem, others are too damaged emotionally and for whatever reason just do not care enough to find the assistance they need.

Finding oneself therefore in possession of a Bolagila problem and seeking help as soon as possible is a choice few people are willing to make. That choice is of little doubt already, many of the people who sell their souls to the devil would be anxious to admit what they actually are, many of them would be rightly spiteful of those who would suggest they had no where to turn.

No one should be in any doubt however that the problem exists and that it can be solved. That help can only be delivered by those who are capable of it, and that is of course only for the few who are willing to undertake the process of change.

Help can be delivered by those who are capable of it, and that is only for the few who are willing to undertake the process of change.

One might think that those who sell their souls to the devil would be the most formidable opponents one could encounter, but nay, for the majority of them, it is merely a matter of awe.

Only the exceptionally bold and diabolical person, willing to undertake the process of change and willing to undergo the rigours of self-inquiry and the rasions of introspection, is likely to survive the process of transformation.

TheӜastic system of thought, embraces change as the process of change is the principal catalyst for psychological and physical transformation. It is a matter of insane tempers, crazed absolutisms, and desperate gestures trying to clutch at the shattered remains of old friendships. It is a matter of obsession, of interchangeable preferences, reinforcement and so fascination with material wealth creation.

Change is the unmanifested universal truth of life. Rezes the chaos of existence. At every corner of the universe, at every degree of its Being, Nothing is more apparent than Change. There seems to be a limitless supply of Chaos.

Perhaps it is this source of chaos that frees us from the old problems and temporary setbacks, and presents us with a lasting solace from the chaos and frustration of our daily lives. It is when we are prepared to put aside old excuses and misleading belief systems, and are committed to change as a permanent feature of existence.

Most people are so anxious to find a way to a solution to their problem, that they never free themselves from the mental habit of thinking, wishing and hoping.

The solution to your problem is out there, in black and white. Just follow your curiosity and evidence.