A number of websites are offering you the opportunity to play popular casino games online in American roulette. Do not be fooled into betting on the popular roulette games available in the casinos as you will only lose your money if you lose the bet. These mini roulette tournaments are taking the odds in your favor when it comes to increase your chances of winning.

Aire betting system

There is a free and easy system that will help you win at the roulette table more often than not. It has been designed by a man known as Dr. chaotic who has a PhD in the Mathematical Bond market. Bond, if you haven’t guessed it, is a form of arbitrage. This means that if in one casino the roulette of a certain group of numbers has come up 20 times in a row, the same number may have come up on the next spin as well. That guaranteed profit you will get if the pattern keeps repeating itself.

While the system is legal, the casino is really not aware of how it works, so it is not possible to cash out or use the system in their casino. However, this is the best roulette system you will have for free to use on your next spin. Win at MPO777 with the help of Dr. Chaos!

Play low and win big

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will benefit from applying the rules of the mini roulette tournaments. The rules are very simple. There are no complicated betting or exchange rates and the only thing you have to do is bet on a number or use the betting grid in the game (laying). The grid shows you what has come up in the last 30 spins. The number that comes up is what you bet on and if it comes up again you win. You can bet as many numbers as you want but keep in mind that the fewer numbers you bet on, the more likely you will win.

How do you win big from the mini roulette tournaments? Once you bet on a single number for example, in the next spin, that number is likely to come up and you will win big. Some players bet on two, three or four numbers at the same time. What they fail to realize is that when they bet on a number, that number is very likely to come up again. While it is wish to win the big pot of money, you do not have to bet on the most popular numbers. What you want to do is bet on ones that are least likely to appear, i.e. between 31 and 40. The likelihood of these numbers coming up is way less. Also, if you bet on the red or black color, these numbers too, are unlikely to appear.

Benefits of the mini roulette tournaments

The only downside about these tournaments is that players have to pay a registration fee to enter. As a consolation, the organizers provide most of the money making for these events with the rest being given to the prize holders. The benefit of this is that since most of the money is going to the runners up, most of those who lose do not end up with nothing. If you would like to make big money, you might consider entering in the mega roulette tournaments instead. These tournaments are a lot larger and even though you would have to pay more, you can end up with a lot of money.

You can make money in the mini roulette tournaments by winning the smaller ones which are the 16 number and 1 number contests which are pretty easy to win. You are also able to win tickets to bigger succeeding rounds depending on the number of participants. In addition, the fewer the number of participants, the higher the likelihood of winning.


incorporating a few strategies included in the mini roulette wheel, can help you to win big money! The most important thing is that you are well versed with the rules as well as the game.