A tribute to the American dream(ers)

by | April 2, 2012

The American Dream, though dimmed by bad laws and bad news, is still alive.

I know this because Queen Karina and I discovered Shark Tank, an enthralling TV show for entrepreneurs and investors.

After watching the first season, I found myself overwhelmed to the point of tears with a deep respect and even reverence for the American Dream and those who dare dream it.

So today I honor you, the Dreamers, Risk-Takers, Pioneers, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Producers, upon whose intrepid backs has been built the greatest country in the history of the world.

Here’s to you who live the measure of your creation — to be a Creator.

Who are driven by a glorious dissatisfaction borne of the fierce belief that anything can be done better.

Who are consumed by a holy yet irreverent curiosity. Whose vision of possibility trumps your fear of failure.

You scheme and plan, wonder and brainstorm, tinker and experiment, try and fail, learn and keep moving forward.

You think far beyond a nine-to-five existence. You are motivated by internal passion and purpose rather than 401(k)s and benefits.

You seize your own destiny. You are not shielded by committees or corporate coffers. You live and die by your own actions and decisions. Your only safety net is your tenacity and perseverance.

You make no excuses, place no blame, ask no favors. You shoulder responsibility without hesitation.

You have crossed your Rubicon resolutely, burned your ships courageously. You have risen from ashes and rubble to triumph against all odds.

Your eyes lift to the heavens to gaze at your North Star, then your hands and back dig trenches on the ground.

Your sleepless nights have led to brighter tomorrows for all of us. Your mortgaged homes and maxed-out credit cards have made us all richer. Your stress and indigestion have made us all happier.

When everyone called you crazy, you listened instead to the most sane voice on earth: your heart. When the facts were stacked against you, you trusted intuition.

Like Don Quixote, you see giants where others only see windmills. You dream the Impossible Dream, reach for the Unreachable Star.

Your back is quivering with thoughtless arrows fired by small-minded detractors. Your heart is heavy with the weight of portentous decisions.

But your dream is bright, your resolve unwavering.

Yes, here’s to you, American Dreamer, for carrying the divine torch of the American Dream.

The politicians and bureaucrats can try to stifle you. They can tax you. They can regulate you.

They can sneer down their noses at you and call you greedy and selfish — while living off the fruits of your labors.

But they cannot break your spirit. Nor can they ever beat you.

Because their laws and guns are no match for your idea might. Because you will always be one step ahead. Because you understand and live according to natural law.

Because you, unlike them, are not blinded by scarcity. Because you know we live in an abundant world, bursting with infinite wealth and opportunity for all.

Because you create wealth and opportunity while they suffocate it. Because you truly serve humanity while they smother human potential with excuses and crutches.

So dream on, American Dreamer, and keep the dream alive for us all.

We desperately need your heart, your strength, your light.

For it is you who will pull our nation from despair and rebuild our City on a Hill.


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