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“Dear Stephen,

“I wish there was a way to shrink you down so I could carry you around in my pocket all the time. Your coaching and friendship has helped me overcome my fears and false beliefs in a short period of time, cutting my learning curve significantly. We all need people like you in our corner — or pocket, if that was possible!

“I feel like you are ALL IN! when you talk to me and you care just as much as I do about my mission. You have also given me the confidence to know that I was on the right path and, often, the determination to keep going.

“So often you have come at the right time, either with your Inspirational emails or a phone call. You have an amazing ability to see the untapped potential in all of us, and the ability to apply truth and clarity when you speak, so we can see it too. The last phone call we had came when I was just about ready to throw in the towel, but I felt like you had been inspired to reach out and help me catch the vision again.

“You are awesome! I feel like you sincerely care about my life and business. You have walked the path and are so generous in sharing your knowledge of what you’ve learned along the way.

“I couldn’t believe how fast you pegged the root problem I was having. It gave me clarity and a huge boost of positive energy to know I was on the path, you had been there, and it would be worth all the hard work.
“Thank you, Stephen, for being such a gift!”

Janeen Alley

Health Coach, Fit-It-All-In Fitness

“I’ve had the privilege to work with incredible coaches over the years and always believed that a great coach is a great way to recognize blind spots and improve all areas of my life. I’ve spent years pushing myself in the pursuit of more with success, yet never really feeling enough or at peace.

“The experience that I’ve recently had with Stephen Palmer however, has been like C4 on the doors of denial, destroying the locks and blowing the doors completely off the hinges, exposing what has been there all along.

“As if I woke from a trance, I’ve experienced peace and growth like I never imagined possible and am now feeling life, as if for the first time.”

Sean Fleming

“Stephen was an answer to prayer and intention. His coaching program has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth.

“The support and basic trust he exemplifies with each training and personal call has built a confidence and deeper trust in the process of life and my development. He uses powerful tools for transformation that reach the core of what’s holding you back. Strategic techniques create safety and abilities to discover what already resides in each one of us.

“With step by step guidance he shows his students how to heal wounds, reveal the authentic purpose inside, and how to market those skills to begin changing the world with your natural giftings.

“Stephen is continually walking the talk he prescribes. His capacity to empower you to stand in your light has been worth every penny. If you are drawn to this work listen and you will never be held back again.”

Amanda Walker

Podcast Host & Joyful Living Coach, Messy Masterpiece

“I’ve known for years that I have a gift for storytelling. But I have been blocked — not able to figure out how to package my gifts in a way to help people and benefit financially. Working with Stephen has helped me to understand why I have been blocked, and to overcome it. I have had a false belief that I’m just not good enough to compete in the marketplace…

“Stephen guided me through an exercise in which I asked myself a series of questions. When I asked, ‘Is my purpose to be a storyteller?’, I was overwhelmed by a surge of tears and emotion. I hid my face behind my hands and for several minutes just sobbed as years of pain and denial of my true purpose surged up out of me. With Stephen’s help, I had finally acknowledged my true purpose…

“So why did I not see my true purpose sooner? Perhaps a better question would be, ‘Why did I refuse to recognize it?’ I’ve known that storytelling was my passion. But I refused to recognize the passion because of fear.

“I have had a book for years titled Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. It’s a fine book but it didn’t help me. What helped me was the program plus the mentoring. While mindfulness is the key to the door, mentoring is required to get one through the door and moving forward again. Putting it another way, when one is wounded and trying to make it back across the battlefield, a steadying hand and a shoulder to lean on is crucial to making the journey.

“Because I have just started on my journey of passionate living, I am still feeling fear. But I know it’s in the future and that it’s mostly fantasy. But in the present, I’m armed with Stephen’s tools and I’m moving forward anyway.”

Craig Battrick

Freelance Writer & Storyteller Extraordinaire, CraigBattrick.com

“Stephen has been an amazing mentor. I know he sees in me potential and power and does all he can to help me discover, draw out and use my gifts. He is tireless in his efforts to support and help.

“I quickly learned that if Stephen said ‘Read this book,’ I should read it today. Whatever the book it was always is a feast of knowledge, wisdom and counsel that I needed right then. He has never led me astray.

“There have been times when his counsel has gone against everything I thought I should do. His advice seemed crazy, insane and ridiculous or just down right hard. But I knew he had walked the road and could see things I could not. So, I would dive in and do and ALWAYS it worked out.

“If you are willing to work hard and submit to his counsel you will be changed, charged and challenged to go forth and do excellent things.”

Marie Arnold

Family History Preservationist, Footprints in Time

“Stephen’s mentoring has been some of the best fuel for igniting my heart and mind! He has such a down to earth, common sense way of teaching and approaching things; but I often walk away seeing things in a way I hadn’t before. When he recommends a book, I read it. When he gives me an assignment, I do it. I consider Stephen one of my life’s mentors to whom God has led me.”

Sean Elcock

Business Analyst

“When I started out, I had a very anxious attitude about myself and my abilities. I constantly worried what others would think, and felt unsure that I could ever know, do, or be enough to succeed.

“Through the mentoring process, I have learned how to observe and consider where these thoughts come from, & how to move through them day by day.

“The really cool thing is this: Those thoughts used to paralyze me! They stopped me dead in my tracks, so I kept trying new things every time I felt like a failure.

“But now I am in a place where I am solid in the knowledge of my own value, and that makes it possible for me to focus on, and keep moving toward, fulfilling what I am meant to do!

“I still need to manage situations and thoughts that give me anxiety, but now I have the tools to do that, & to do it in joy!”

Linda Robbins

“I got on Stephen’s email just by chance. I always enjoyed his writing. He is well studied and has deep understanding of many subjects.

“I thought, ‘I wish, I could just talk to Stephen. I know he could help me.’ The next week, he offered a free coaching session. I got on that and he nailed my different issues pretty quick. I signed up for his coaching program because I knew I needed more of his insights.

“He has taught me what I need to do to move forward. I’m very grateful for his help and teachings. I’ve told a bunch of my friends to check him out. I want him to coach my wife, my brothers, and someday my daughters. I think that’s about the best compliment I can give him.”

Justin Coats

“Stephen is a deep thinker, an insightful writer, and a perceptive teacher. He has paid the price to really learn who he is and what he is born to do so he can help others do the same.

“He has helped me move from dreaming to doing. And even though my efforts are imperfect I have the tools to see them for what they are — not as failures, but as attempts that will move me toward my goals. I’m hopeful that I can keep trying and every effort will get me closer to my potential.

“Stephen’s coaching gives me accountability and a friendly ‘guide on the side’ to help me discern where the most effective place to put my focus is.”

Jessica Croker

Yoga Instructor & Mindfulness Teacher, Seedpod Yoga

“I highly recommend working with Stephen and his coaching programs. From the start, Stephen identified several areas that needed my attention. Each one resonated strongly with me. He shared personal stories that brought connection, understanding, and compassion to the discussion.

“Anyone looking for clarity, growth, and healing would benefit tremendously as I have.”

Kris Bayer

“I’ve followed Stephen’s writing for over ten years and known him personally for over six. I’m not sure that I can adequately describe his influence on my life or what makes him a great mentor but I’ll give it my best shot.

“One of the first things that struck me about him was his lack of desire to be a ‘guru’. I love that his writing/teaching/coaching is rooted in his true desire to help others hone in on what they’re meant to do with their life.

“Over the years I’ve been continually impacted (for the better) by the perspective and insight that he’s able to provide about how each of us can find and live our purpose. His articles, courses, and coaching have allowed me to ask myself the questions necessary to help me over hurdles on the path to living a more purposeful and meaningful life.

“I’m a much more mindful person as a result of years of reading Stephen’s articles and working one-on-one with him.”

Dustin Olenslager

Owner, Lead Harbor Marketing Agency

“Mentoring with Stephen has been Amazing! I have learned things about myself, other people and life that have really enabled me to refocus and collect my energy into the direction I have been feeling I need to go but have not been able to get there on my own.  I truly am feeling like I have a new opportunity with life.

“Stephen has given me tools and resources that I will be able to use AND plan to use for the remainder of my life.  In a short time I have experienced positive growth.  It has affected not only myself but those closest to me as well.  I definitely feel that I have become a better person by mentoring with Stephen.  Additionally, I have the opportunity to grow into my full potential as a result of this experience.

“I am grateful to have been blessed with this experience.”

Gale da Rosa

“I had no idea how Stephen would deliver on his promises, but it sounded like exactly what I needed so I took a chance.

“His mentoring wasn’t a bunch of motivational sessions that wear off in a few hours, or the same old repeated mantras. Instead, it helped me see the fundamental truths that underlie the challenging experiences and periods of stagnation and growth in my life, and why I felt so stuck.

“I now understand why I have the challenges that I do, why what I’ve tried in the past has or hasn’t been effective, and how to move forward. I am so glad I mentored with Stephen!”

David Owen

“I would describe my experience with Stephen’s course as an intense and powerful introduction to the hope that I could heal from a sense of shame and feeling like I am never good enough, and finally be free to confidently share my greatest gifts with the world, as I was created to do!

“Stephen provided an excellent survey of effective tools to guide your personal journey from a variety of viewpoints, which allowed me to experiment with new ideas and adopt the ones that worked best for me.

“Stephen made himself very accessible to us to be able to ask questions and gave us feedback on our experiences as we practiced what we were learning. Priceless!

“You won’t cross the finish line at the end of this course, but you will have an accurate map, as well as all the necessary preparations for your journey!”

Kim Morisett

“Stephen has an uncanny sense of what your reality is, and how to take that next step. We have been great benefactors of his wisdom and insight. He wasn’t afraid to call us on our crap, but then offer truly insightful suggestions as to how to best deal with it. We highly recommend Stephen if you are someone who is looking for clarity and progress in your life.”

Steve & Gina Barfuss

Owners, Planet Beach Spa

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