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Why Thorough Preparation Trumps Sporadic Emotions

hoosiers Why Thorough Preparation Trumps Sporadic EmotionsEveryone loves heart-stirring, blood-pumping halftime speeches in sports movies.

The team is outmatched, whipped, down for the count. Spirits are crushed, heads hang low, tails are tucked between tired legs.

Then, the coach reaches deep into his champion’s heart to pull out a rip-roaring speech.

The fog of defeat is pierced by the sun of encouragement. Heads lift and begin to nod, spirits are aroused, and soon the team is shouting their conviction that victory is theirs.

Refocused and rejuvenated, they charge the field and win the day.

Halftime emotionalism may make for good Hollywood drama. But true champions never depend on it to win.

That’s according to John Wooden, by far the most successful coach in the history of basketball. Consider…

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