The two most powerful words known to man

Kindly remove your shoes, honored reader; we stand on holy ground.

Enter this sacred temple. Let us reverently approach the altar.

Do you know the temple of which I speak? Do you detect the magic that gushes through your veins, that permeates your cells, that animates your every act?

Lean in closely. I will whisper the word — the force — that both redeems and damns, that elevates and debases, creates and destroys, that builds men and nations and dashes them to dust.

The temple in which we stand, this altar we approach, the holy ground that sustains humanity, the magic, the power, the word is this:


Yours is the choice to fashion dreams or to wallow in the swamp of unrealized potential. Yours is the choice to heal or to abuse. Yours is the choice to take offense or to understand. Yours is the choice to speak with purity or obscenity. Yours is the choice to show compassion or to criticize.

Yours is the choice to avoid choosing, thus banishing yourself to the dungeon of mediocrity.

LISTEN: Choice speaks to those with ears to hear.

You, who trudge through uniform days, entrenched in monotony, embattled with triviality, burdened by pettiness, thwarted by distraction.

To you, Choice urges: Awake and arise to greatness.

You, emasculated by entitlement, whose lives are shrunken and hollow from placing blame, whose creativity is consumed devising excuses, whose power is sucked dry by the vacuum of victimhood.

To you, Choice declares: Embrace responsibility.

You, whose energy is drained by harbored pain, whose lives revolve around taking offense, who derive twisted pleasure from suffering, whose existence is circumscribed by the actions of others.

To you, Choice fervently whispers: Surrender thy pain.

You, consumed by lust, embroiled in unbridled passion, haunted by insatiable craving, stained by sordid pleasure, drowning in filth, driven mad by counterfeits.

To you, Choice warns: Master thyself.

You, enraptured by the illusory gleam of steel, held captive by convenience, enticed by shortcuts, suffering from superficiality, whose idol is American Idol, whose highest ideal is retirement, for whom comfort is the defining criterion of the good life.

To you, Choice pleads: Seek the divine.

You, plagued by ambition, addicted to power, who sell your soul to control, who abandon principles to manipulate, whose beam-stuffed eyes probe for external slivers.

To you, Choice challenges: Turn inward.

You, imprisoned by fear, enlisted in the mob, who tread lightly on the well-beaten path, who leave no mark to follow, who squander your gifts by fitting in, whose truest Self remains unclaimed.

To you, Choice exclaims: Seize your birthright!

To humanity this sacred, limitless power shouts from the rooftops: CHOOSE WISELY!

You are no puppet, no ward of the state, no powerless, tepid, spineless creature. You are no mere beast, subject to instinct.

Pierce the veil of your limitations. Shed fear. Cast aside the entrapments of your past life of unconscious enslavement.

Shun the demons of doubt as they strive to stifle your Voice. Reject bitterness and anger. Expel the darkness from your life with love-choices, and no form of negativity, deceit, or degeneracy can withstand your presence.

The essence of darkness, in all its hideous manifestations, is this: You do not have a choice.

Darkness is a miserable, twisted devil hissing in your ear: “You are not good enough. You are not smart enough. You are powerless. Do not even try to become something better — you will get made fun of, you will be hurt, you will only be disappointed by your failure. It is her fault. He made you do it. You are entitled. No one will see.”

Command the darkness to flee before you. Strike that demon to the ground. Trample him with the fierceness of creation.

Choice is your, privilege, your birthright, your heritage. Choice is your curse if you fail to exercise it to elevate your life and fuel your endeavors.

Will yours be the tragedy of what might have been, or the legacy of what is?

Answer that question not with words, but with deeds. Answer it not by default, but by design.

Carve out your path from the fertile wilderness of the unknown, the untried. Apply your intuition, vision, heart, mind, hand, might, and strength to thought, words, and material. Harness them, shape them, mold them into something different, more useful, more holy. Manifest reality from potential.

Leap into the darkness. If you are not caught, can landing be any worse than your current existence? You will land. And your old, limited, fearful self will shatter into oblivion. Your pure Self will remain, from which you will craft a choiceful life — the only life worth living.

Leverage choice to propel you ever higher, purer, nobler, more capable, more useful.

Exit this temple now, exalted reader, and carry this intense light, this pure knowledge through your sojourn.

This, dear reader, is the freedom you crave.

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