Playing hide-and-seek with the universe

by | January 29, 2018

The universe is always playing hide-and-seek with us. It twists and turns, bounces and bends in an eternal dance of awakening.

It hides because it loves to be found. It loves the awakening moments, the epiphanies, the “ah-ha’s.” It lives for the moments that make us gasp in delight and exclaim, “Oh, there you are!” The moments when we see that we are what we’ve been looking for all along.

So it eternally creates the conditions that catalyze those moments.

For example:

Struggling in business. Feeling stuck, confused, frustrated. Working hard to get through it. Then having the breakthrough moment where you see something new.

Oh, there you are!

Experiencing abuse and, as a result, accumulating deep emotional wounds. Bearing their burden for years. Feeling broken, inadequate, unworthy, isolated. Then experiencing deep healing, seeing your pain and holding it in compassion, coming home to yourself.

Oh, there you are!

Assimilating false beliefs about your nature that make you feel fundamentally corrupt and unworthy. So that you can then awaken from the trance of unworthiness and see your inherent perfection.

Oh, there you are!

Suffering through holocausts so we can awaken in the ashes and see that, by tormenting and killing others, we were only tormenting and killing ourselves.

Oh, there you are!

Enduring natural disasters and tragedies together so we can struggle together, and in the struggle, connect in our humanity beyond labels, stereotypes, and prejudices.

Oh, there you are!

In these awakening moments, we instantaneously realize at least one of these fundamental truths:

  • We are the cause of our own suffering. No external event causes us to suffer. Rather, we suffer because of our interpretations of and relationship with our experiences.
  • We were never lacking anything. The only thing lacking was awareness. We have always been enough. We have always had everything we’ve needed — the love, the acceptance, the resources — to experience whatever we needed to experience in any given moment.
  • Our nature is fundamentally good. We don’t “sin” because we’re sinful creatures, but rather because we have deep, unmet needs and an inability to meet them.
  • The only time we have is now. Yesterday exists only as a memory, tomorrow exists only as a thought. Our existence is one eternal now.
  • We are all one. What I do to others, I do to myself. What I do to myself, I do to others. I am my brother and my brother is me. There is no separation.
  • The universe is benevolent. Things don’t happen to us — they happen for us. We are given challenging experiences not because life is out to get us, but precisely because life is here to teach us, to help us learn, grow, and progress.

The universe keeps coming back again and again and again and again to those moments of awakening.

But there can be no awakenings without us first falling asleep.

Waves can’t have crests without troughs. Noise can’t happen without silence. Order can’t exist without chaos. Something can’t be something without nothing.

We can’t experience pleasure without also experiencing pain. Sorrow is the container for joy. Ugliness is the container for beauty.

We keep falling asleep over and over again so we can keep waking up over and over again.

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And here’s the big one: We’re not just part of it — WE ARE IT.

Each life, each spark of consciousness is but a tiny reflection of an infinite whole, incomprehensible to the logical mind.

All of this is to say:

If you’re feeling stuck…

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, frustrated, confused…

If you feel unloved, unwanted, unaccepted, unseen, unsafe…

If you’re tired of trying because nothing seems to be working…

If all hope seems to be lost…

…you’re simply in a temporary sleep, and an awakening is on the horizon. You’re temporarily stranded in a trough, and you’ll soon be swept onto a crest.

You’re experiencing darkness in order to appreciate the light. You’re experiencing struggle so that you may know peace.

This trough, this confusion, this pain is the universe setting the context for your ultimate bliss, joy, and fulfillment. This temporary tragedy sets you up for ultimate triumph.

And you want it this way. Because deep, deep down in your ancient bones of infinite consciousness you understand the plan. You love the process. You love the awakenings.

As you sleep, stuck and angry in your current pain, go deeper than the pain and feel the universe holding you close, supporting you, comforting you. Go deeper than victimhood and see the purpose in your suffering.

This is all for your own good. No matter how intense your pain, no matter how insane your situation, you will eventually be profoundly grateful for it.

The more terrifying the dream, the more exhilarating the awakening…

(For tools to awaken to your true purpose, click here to download my free toolkit now.)


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