If your life were a story…

by | January 16, 2012

Would your readers be mesmerized as they tore through the pages, or would they toss it aside?

Would they trumpet it to everyone they knew, leaning forward with wide eyes, or would they forget about it?

Would it shatter chains of fear and doubt and awaken faith and courage, or would it weary readers with standard routines, pitiful clichés and plain pettiness?

Would it wallow in normalcy, or soar with inspiration?

Would your readers want to be like you?

How would people feel after reading your story?

Would you be a hero, a villain, or a faceless nobody drowning in a sea of faceless nobodies?

Would your story be told a hundred years after you had passed on?

Would it matter if your story was told or not?

Guess what:Your life is a story. And you’re writing it every moment of every day.

Is it worth reading?


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