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Unsolicited praise for “Inspiration Weekly”

“Every Sunday night I wait up until the clock strikes midnight, so that I can read your latest life manifesto. Thank you for always making me think, calm my fears, and reset my compass. I appreciate your work, and share it with my family often.”

Jonelle Hughes

“Great, GREAT message today. I am INSPIRED for the week to come…Inspiration Weekly worked! Thank you.”

Steve D'Annunzio

“This is one of the best articles you have ever written. Thanks for taking the time always to enlighten me with your wisdom. I love this and am going to forward onto my friends. God bless you today and always as you continue on the path of growth and “becoming who you are meant to be”!”

Shauna Kaiserman

“Hey Stephen, I’m reading a section everyday in manifest destiny and journaling on it. All of your stuff nails it better than anyone out there ( Brendan berchard, tony Robbins, etc). I want to give you great encouragement for what you have done up to this point and in the future. This is the best stuff ever. Thanks for everything!”

Chris Zaino

Chiropractor, Abundant Life Chiropractic

“I look forward to your articles, because they stretch me and make me think! Thank you for your wisdom and insight.”

Julie Lewis

“Hey Stephen, YOU ARE A MARVEL! Thank you for your courage and passion. Thank you for choosing your own path and striving. Our family finds your writings and example very powerful and inspiring and we don’t really even know you.”

Jenny Hanson

“I am sincerely grateful for all the emails I have received from you and how inspiring and real each post is! You have a gift and think outside the box and it is blessing generations–me, my children, and many to come plus all the other families you touch. You living your truth grants and inspires us to live our truth! I wanted to sincerely say a thank you from me and my family! I am so glad you and your family are living your bliss! I also love the manifestos I have on my wall! The Gratitude one, the family one, and the TJED one! 🙂 each time I read one it reminds me of everything I am striving for and so many times it has lifted me in the face of a dark and hard adversity to continue to reach to God and shine and rise above the dust! God bless you and your family and home!”

Cheri Ebbert

“I can not thank you enough. My wife and I were discussing (just last night) the concepts you lined out in this article Dissenters Manifesto. I checked my email this morning and the subject is being discussed masterfully! We have been greatly discussing this idea of what to emphasize to our children. The competing ideas of conformity and freedom. Thanks for the inspiration and constant reminders that freedom loving people are alive and well. We are not as crazy as we thought. You seem to have a gift for writing out ideas that I just ponder on a daily basis. You vocalize freedom and you have blessed my life with it. About a dozen of your other articles have had similar effect on me. Just thought you should know.”

Jarad & Jenni Rock

“I have been following you for the past couple of years now, and I must say you have truly elevated my life and inspired me to greater heights! I have loved your Life Manifestos, you Inspiration Weekly, all of your books, and your persistence and devotion in sharing yourself and your convictions with all who will listen. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the hope you give us and I take great comfort in knowing that men like you…are going to be there to stand up and stand strong…Thanks again – I truly appreciate the sacrifices you make to be a voice for truth and righteousness!”

Kim Harman

“Wow Stephen! You are an amazing writer! I can’t wait till my husband wakes up and I can share it with him! Thanks so much for sharing it with me! My passion lies in waking up the world like you are doing and searching for those who have this fire burning in their bellies and bosoms and join forces to ignite others whose flame may need fanning, and join them to ours and actually change the course we are on here in American! Have a great week, my brother, and know that others stand with you in your vision! I love you! Thank you for who you are and the preparations you have made to stand and fight for our freedom and liberty and actually help lead the charge! With love and gratitude,”

Cheryl Buckley

“Stephen, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Each week, I am inspired and challenged by what you have written. You are truly a gifted author and have found a niche where you will be richly blessed and rewarded. I love to keep my inbox neat and tidy and empty, but I just can’t bring myself to delete your newsletters! I can already tell that I’m going to need a ‘Inspiration Weekly’ folder in my Gmail where I can archive your writings for future reference as I strive to be a better husband, father and man. Again…thank you for what you have started here; I hope that it succeeds beyond your wildest expectations. I think that your message will spread and inspire others to better themselves and the world around them. May your thoughts be focused, your words flow freely and your imagination know no bounds.”

Ryan Sparks

“Thanks, Steve. Everything you send is wonderful. This is absolutely AWESOME! …You are making a difference in many lives…Your each and every article is truth power packed and articulated so well. Thank you for helping us help ourselves!!!!”

Laura White

“Dear Mr P ;), I receive hundreds of ‘cold call’ type messages that I happily skim. But when I see your name, ‘I have to’ read! 🙂 I love your insight! I think you have amazing and unlimited talent! Stay blessed!”


“I read every Inspiration Weekly newsletter. Thanks, Steve, for packing thought provoking and inspiring content into so few words. I often forward these newsletter to colleagues and family members, and I usually take a minute at the end of each to ask questions about my own life’s purpose.”

James Ure

“Just wanted to thank you for your inspiration weekly! It always uplifts me, but today it saved me from wasting most of the morning in self-pity. Thank you for living your mission so that people like me can be strengthened and encouraged to live ours.”

Taylene Burnham

“Thanks for the awesome words…You do a FABULOUS job!!”

Deanna Gordon

“I look forward to your Inspiration Weekly Monday morning. They have been a powerful influence on my life.”

Marie Arnold

“Thanks for your constant inspiration. I read your articles to my children…even my 6 year old. The things you write about are, to me, some of the most important things we can teach our children. Keep up the good work. You are changing lives.”

Barbara Finlinson

“Stephen: Thank You. This is your very best, most important, valuable, inspiring post.. ever. Your writings continue to become more and more profound and meaningful. I am printing and framing it.. placing it right next to my Gratitude manifesto up on my wall for all to benefit from. Mille grazie.”

Kristin Tomczak

“Thank you for one more wonderful Monday making it possible for all of us to read something compelling and life changing. You have a very special gift!”

Michelle Moya

“Thank you so much for your newsletter! Love what you are doing!! Filling my brain and thoughts with positive perspectives and encouragement.”

Tiffany Dahl

“I really appreciate reading your e-mails and your blog. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with me and the world. I wish you the best in your endeavors.”

Melissa Draper


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