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The Counterintuitive Trick to Finding Your True Purpose

watersplashripples The Counterintuitive Trick to Finding Your True PurposeThis is a story involving:

A. a woman struggling to define and commit to a purpose,
B. a window cleaning business,
C. George Washington,
D. water ripples and honeybees,
E. a Latin word,
F. and what you can accomplish when you choose a purpose and stay in motion.

Exhibit A: Woman Trying to Find Purpose

“But what if I pick the wrong thing to do?” she asked with sincere concern.

I’d been mentoring her to build her personal thought leadership platform.

She was interested in so many things that she couldn’t decide which one to focus on.

“Let me put it this way,” I said. “Anything you pick now will be wrong.”

“Now let me put it another way,” I continued…

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