The dissenters’ manifesto

by | November 17, 2014

The world calls us crazy.

The world has constructed a box of rules. From the womb we have been warned to never stray outside of the box.

Inside the box, so we’re told, is safety. Security. Comfort. The good life.

Outside the box is risk. Uncertainty. Shame. A life of struggle.

We say that inside the box is stagnation. Mediocrity. Impotence. A life of conformity.

Outside the box is freedom. Opportunity. Adventure. Fulfillment. The only life worth living.

In a world that trains us to sit down, shut up, fall in line, and follow directions, we dissent.

We leap from the conveyor belt and unplug from the matrix. The only path we follow is that which we create. We color outside the lines. We march to the beat of our own drum.

In a world that lectures us to submit to a job, that the path to financial freedom is to work hard for someone else for thirty years, that the purpose of education is job training, we dissent.

We have a powerful mission to fulfill, inspiring dreams to manifest. We follow our call without hesitation, no matter where it leads.

We are owners, creators, pioneers, explorers. We work not to please bosses by following instructions, but to glorify God by developing our gifts.

We don’t ask for raises; we create our own by increasing our value to others. We ask no one for permission to innovate. We don’t raise our hands and wait to be called on; we stand up and lead.

We don’t memorize and regurgitate textbooks in order to score jobs; we immerse ourselves in and grapple with the greatest thinkers the world has ever known in order to learn truth, gain self-insight, improve ourselves, become leaders.

In a world that preaches that credentials, credibility, status, and prestige matter greatly, we dissent.

We say that what matters is courage, initiative, authenticity, and vulnerability. We say that the only credibility we need is that which we earn through blood, sweat, tears, and results. We say that the only status that matters is our standing with our Father. We say the only recognition we need is the mark we leave on the world.

In a world that professes that experts have all the answers and to never question them, we dissent.

We say that experts can be learned from, but are to never be blindly trusted. We recognize that the world we live in and the worldviews we’re bombarded with were created by people who are no smarter than us. We say that experts are fallible human beings like the rest of us, that we have a right and responsibility to do our own research and draw our own conclusions.

We reject both the arrogance of the experts and the ignorance of the masses. We study things out for ourselves. We remain humble and open, without being naive and subservient. We question everything, not through lens of skepticism and cynicism, but through a lens of sincere truth-seeking.

“That’s just the way it’s always been done” is never an acceptable answer to us; rarely has that ever led to progress. We adhere to timeless principles, while remaining open to new strategies and techniques.

In a world that tells us that we only have two options politically, that we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, we dissent.

We affirm that a lesser evil is an evil nonetheless. We reject any faulty construct that limits our options. We are not afraid to proclaim that the emperor has no clothes.

In a world obsessed with hacking at leaves, we dissent.

We choose to focus on striking at roots. We are not satisfied with quick, temporary, and selfish fixes; we seek sustainable, generational solutions. We consider the impact our actions today will have on future generations, and make selfless sacrifices on their behalf.

In a world that ignores and belittles the common man, we dissent.

We are common men and women who believe we have a duty to live lives of uncommon greatness. We believe that the common man, dedicated to a great cause, can change the world. We believe our power comes not from birth, class, or wealth, but from virtue, fortitude, and tenacity.

Yes, we are starry-eyed idealists. But we are not wishful fools. We do not sit on our couches dreaming of an ideal world; we labor in trenches to manifest our ideals.

From the womb we were placed in a box. We are the ones who bash against the walls, struggle against our chains, cut the strings, push the boundaries.

We are the ones who value freedom over security. We are the ones who dare to dream. We are the ones who strive valiantly in the arena against the criticism of the sideline talkers.

The world calls us crazy. But we say the world is crazy.

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