Ready to get unstuck, stop sabotaging yourself,
find your purpose, and unleash your greatness?

Do you feel stuck in the grind of life but ache for something more? Do you believe you were born to do more than just pay bills until you die?

Do you crave to break through your ceilings of limitations and take your life to a whole new level?

Do you yearn to do something important, something that really matters, something that harnesses your full potential to make a difference in the world? Do you feel frustrated because you can’t figure out what that is or where to start?

I help you find your “Authentic Purpose” and live it with clarity, courage, and confidence.

You are an unrepeatable miracle. You were born for a purpose — a unique and specific mission only you can fulfill.

My life’s mission is to help you discover yours and live it with courage, passion, and power. My coaching programs help you:

  • Believe in and trust yourself.
  • Conquer your fears, weaknesses, and limitations.
  • Find your voice and your message and proclaim it loud and proud to the world.
  • Expand and deepen your influence to have lasting impact on the world.
  • Rise above mediocrity and live with excellence and significance.
  • Overcome voluntary servitude and achieve true personal freedom.
  • Unleash your greatness in service to the world.

What my coaching clients say about working with me

“Your coaching and friendship has helped me overcome my fears and false beliefs in a short period of time, cutting my learning curve significantly…You have given me the confidence to know I was on the right path and, often, the determination to keep going. You have an amazing ability to see the untapped potential in all of us, and the ability to apply truth and clarity when you speak, so we can see it too.”

Janeen Alley

“Stephen’s mentoring has been some of the best fuel for igniting my heart and mind! He has such a down to earth, common sense way of teaching and approaching things; but I often walk away seeing things in a way I hadn’t before. When he recommends a book, I read it. When he gives me an assignment, I do it. I consider Stephen one of my life’s mentors to whom God has led me.”

Sean Elcock

“Stephen has been an amazing mentor. I know he sees in me potential and power and does all he can to help me discover, draw out and use my gifts…There have been times when his counsel has gone against everything I thought I should do. His advice seemed crazy, insane and ridiculous or just downright hard. But I knew he…could see things I could not. So, I would dive in and do and ALWAYS it worked out.”

Marie Arnold

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what my clients say
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