How to do self-compassion

Let me start from the beginning: Authentic Purpose is who you naturally are and what you naturally do when nothing gets in the way of it. Therefore, the secret to “finding” purpose is to remove all barriers to it. The primary barrier of purpose is fear. People are...

Welcome the smacks

Andy was kneeling in a meditation posture with his eyes closed in a Japanese Buddhist temple. As an American college student, he had come here to learn more about Japanese religion. He had a hard time thinking of anything other than his knees, which were beginning to...

The universe is a mirror

You are a human being experiencing the universe. Or are you the universe experiencing a human being? Huh. You think you’re staring out at it. But what if it is staring in at you? Deeper now: What if you and it are one and the same — that separation between you...

Shortcuts and counterfeits

When we engage in shortcuts and counterfeits, they leave us empty and unfulfilled. The need we’re seeking to fulfill isn’t met, and we feel emptier than before.

Embracing the dark side

Each one of us has a terrifying cave called the “shadow,” into which we must venture to find the deepest, darkest, most painful truth about ourselves.