How to do self-compassion

Let me start from the beginning: Authentic Purpose is who you naturally are and what you naturally do when nothing gets in the way of it. Therefore, the secret to “finding” purpose is to remove all barriers to it. The primary barrier of purpose is fear. People are...

The universe is a mirror

You are a human being experiencing the universe. Or are you the universe experiencing a human being? Huh. You think you’re staring out at it. But what if it is staring in at you? Deeper now: What if you and it are one and the same — that separation between you...

Playing hide-and-seek with the universe

The universe is always playing hide-and-seek with us. It twists and turns, bounces and bends in an eternal dance of awakening. It hides because it loves to be found. It loves the awakening moments, the epiphanies, the “ah-ha’s.” It lives for the moments that make us...

A river of emotions

Painful emotions can be a stagnant swamp that poisons & strangles life, or a flowing river that gives & enhances life. It depends on how we deal with them.

The second arrow

The first time it happened he was eight years old. She was in one of her dark moods. She slapped him across the face and told him he was worthless.