My Books

Manifest Destiny: Choosing a Life of Greatness

A full-color, hardcover, coffee table-style book for people who strive to follow their bliss, live on purpose, make a difference, and reach their full potential.

Uncommon Sense: An Uncommon Citizen’s Guide to Rebuilding America

In this book I challenge freedom-lovers to do more than march on Washington — I challenge them to reform their own hearts.

The Conscious Creator: Six Laws for Manifesting Your Masterpiece Life

With Kris Krohn

A life-changing parable that will help you discover your bliss, unleash your power, & live your purpose.

Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity

With Garrett Gunderson

The New York Times bestseller that will revolutionize your view of personal finance.


Stop Sabotaging Yourself & Live Your Authentic Purpose

30-page guidebook, 40-minute audio training, & 1-hour video training that help you:

  • Find and live your purpose with passion.
  • Conquer your greatest fears and overcome self-doubt forever.
  • Get unstuck and live with unstoppable clarity, courage, and confidence.
  • Cultivate inner peace through self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-care.