What is “Authentic Purpose”?

You were born with a purpose — a place of deep and open authenticity where you feel truly at home, at peace, and blissful. You are an unrepeatable miracle. There is pain only you can heal, problems only you can solve.

Your Authentic Purpose is a task, a mission, a calling that only you can perform. It is the highest and best use of your unique gifts, talents, passion, values, intrinsic motivation, skills, knowledge, and perspective packaged and leveraged to create value for others. When you live Authentic Purpose, you experience the highest levels of joy and fulfillment while making the greatest difference for the world.

If you’re like most people, you also have a deep wound from painful life experience that tells you, in one form or another, “You are not enough.” This wound causes a deep yearning to be seen, to be validated, to be valued and cherished. The only way to heal this wound is to live your Authentic Purpose.

Unfortunately, instead of truly healing this wound, most people try to cover it up by following the cravings of the ego.

The ego feeds on external forms of validation and pursues fame, fortune, prestige, status, security, comfort, praise, and recognition. This only makes the wound fester and enhances and perpetuates the pain of not enoughness.

Authentic Purpose gives you internal bliss and fulfillment. Your Authentic Purpose is what you love to do even if you didn’t get paid or recognized; doing the thing is its own reward. When you are on purpose, there is an intrinsic and lasting joy that trumps all the counterfeit rewards of the ego.

As you release your attachments to security and other external rewards, surrender to Authentic Purpose, and create value for others, you feel peaceful, happy, valued, and important inside yourself, regardless of any external validation. When you’re on purpose, life is simple, effortless, abundant.

Authentic Purpose is not about developing or achieving; it is a remembering who you are and always have been. It is not an arriving at some destination out there; it is a coming home to yourself. 

You are enough. You always have been. There is nothing lacking in you, nothing to fix. All you have to do is remove the ego blocks and delusions that prevent you from seeing and living your Authentic Purpose.

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