I’ve read all of Oliver DeMille’s books multiple times, and I believe Oliver is one of the greatest protectors and promoters of liberty in our time.

So I was thrilled to read his latest book, 1913.

It’s hard to say which of his books is his most important, but I can confidently say that I believe 1913 will have more widespread impact than any of his other books because of its concreteness and accessibility.

I wholeheartedly agree with Orrin Woodward, New York Times bestselling co-author of Launching a Leadership Revolution, who says of 1913:

1913 is a masterpiece on freedom, and everyone who cares about the future of prosperity and freedom should read and apply this book.

As a brilliant, penetrating, and holistic thinker, Oliver is often abstract and philosophical. But 1913 is concrete, specific, practical, historical.

Displaying an exhaustive knowledge of his subject, Oliver details four specific events in American constitutional history that have led to the serious erosion of freedom throughout the past century.

More importantly, he provides clear, concrete, and feasible action steps common citizens can take to restore our freedoms.

The subject matter is timely and vital. DeMille’s insights are piercing and original. In an era of vitriolic and shallow talk-show pundits, his focus on deep, root solutions is refreshing.

His ability to connect the dots between these esoteric events and the effects they have on everyday freedom is masterful.

Readers will understand in detail where America went wrong, and what must happen to fix our nation.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the book is how it bridges the gap between purely academic theory and concrete, practical action. It shows how these vital principles apply not just to politicians, policymakers, academics, and think tanks, but to common business owners, mothers, fathers, citizens.

Bottom line: At long last, a piercing analysis that goes beyond predictable partisan bickering and gets to the root of America’s turning point. With 1913, we can finally stop spinning our wheels in the battle for freedom, get traction, and make a profound difference.